Soundkast Radio Curation Service

Our exclusive worldwide radio service.

What is it?

We have cracked the code on getting radio play worldwide. If you want to get your track in front of radio DJ’s and Curators worldwide, if you want your song to appear along side the industries biggest names for radio play consideration then this is the service you want.

What do we do?

Soundkast will encode your song for radio. Yes, not many people know this but if your track is not encoded for radio you have no hope of getting any airplay as they can’t pay you public performance or mechanical royalties. Second we will distribute your song to the following:

43,973 Radio Stations Worldwide
33,071 Television/Movie/Public Performance (Sports events)

Does this guarantee me radio play?

The simple answer is no. If your song is fire, it will get radio play if not, then nothing. How much ultimately depends on the quality of your track.

Our biggest names use this service exclusively and now we are offering it to everyone.

What else do I get?

We will provide you with a monthly play radio report. This will show your performance for worldwide radio plays.

Price: $150 USD

Notes:  Please only purchase this maximum one song per week, two songs in one calendar month.

After payment you will be redirected to an instruction page. Alternatively you can email with the following information.

1. Your user ID (email address you are registered with us at).

2. Your track you wish to Submit. Include your ISRC# and UPC please.

3. Attach your .wav track for radio encoding along with Genre, Artist name, Song Name.

Radio Submissions are done once a week on Friday. We will email you confirmation when your song is submitted.

Radio play reports are updated on the following Friday and thereafter.

There are no refunds once the track is submitted or due to user error, so please double check everything before emailing us with your track.

Make sure you register your song at: BMI or Song Trust in order to receive Radio and mechanical song royalties (we recommend Song Trust) :