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You Own Your Music

Keep 100% of the royalties you earn and all of the rights to your music.

We believe artists should stay independent, keep control of their own careers and not be tied down by unfair deals and shady industry contracts.

Access Artist Insights

Track your music’s performance across platforms & countries around the world.

Delve into streaming insights, download numbers and listener demographic data from your personal  Sounkast dashboard to help you plan the best next steps for your career.

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Soundkast Smartlink

Get a free Soundkast SmartLink every time you release new music.

Your SmartLink lets you share your music on all platforms with just one link, including Pre-Save on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer before your music drops.

More Ways to Get Paid

Register your tracks for Soundkast Music Publishing with just a few clicks. You’ll receive all extra royalties from hundreds of new sources every time your music is streamed, performed live or broadcast anywhere in the world. We offer the Soundkast Mastercard and payments in Crypto!

Global Radio Distribution & Crypto Payouts

We are the only music network that offers radio distribution and the option to be paid out in crypto currencies with our distribution platform. Soundkast offers additional music marketing packages that guarantee your music gets heard!

Get Signed.

We love to scout artists coming through our distribution service and sign them to our premium music marketing service Soundkast Plus, where we can offer even more promotional support to help develop your career and grow your fanbase.

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